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When the visibility is low - DRIVE SLOW

There is no better way of escaping the hustles of city life than going for a long drive in the countryside. In spite of rough terrains and poor vehicle maintenance, long drives can refresh any individual's mood and provide a clear perspective. However, sudden downpours, thick fog, smoke and blowing dust often make it extremely hard to cherish those little moments.
It causes distractions, hinders the fun and makes it difficult to stay carefree. Driving when it is raining demands special attention and appropriate actions from the person in-charge. Driving schools in Thousand Oaks are committed to spread awareness about the paramount importance of road safety and consequences of reckless driving. Here are a few things that drivers should keep in mind when they encounter low visibility conditions:-
  • Check the car lights, tires, windshield wipers before starting your trip and make sure that the batteries have not dried out. Regular maintenance of cars often increases chances of survival in case of low visibility conditions.
  • Chances of skidding are extremely high in rainy weather which often impacts the braking time of vehicles. Drive slower, turn your headlights on( it's the law),avoid sudden braking, and maintain a good distance from the vehicle in front of you.
  • Always keep a dry cellulose cloth with you while going out for a spin. They come handy in case the windscreen washer fails.
  • Control your speed and avoid being reckless. Even if you consider yourself to be a jack of all trades, multitasking behind the wheel in case of low visibility conditions can have unpleasant consequences. Following traffic rules and safety protocols is of paramount importance in low visibility conditions. Stay aware and reduce your chances of road accidents. Safety First is one of the most renowned driving schools in Thousand Oaks California. Get in touch with them to know more about safety protocols.
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